"Reverse Risk Revenue"

I Will 100% Fund & Do All The Work To Bring An Extra 5-6 Figures To Your Business... AFTER (and ONLY after) I'm Successful...You Just Share A Portion Of The Profits.

No Hidden Costs, No Ad Spend, No Risk

"After personally wasting tens of thousands of dollars in my various businesses hiring agencies with large up front retainers and monthly payments who failed to deliver results..... I started asking them to put their money where their mouth is by agreeing to only get paid out of the profits they promised me they would deliver (one time, I even offered to pay them double!)

Every single one of them said "we can't do that" and ran away. Go Figure.

To help change the industry, I'm launching one of the only programs (that I know of) where I ONLY get paid AFTER you get paid out of the ADDITIONAL PROFIT we bring to your company.

My partners kick back while my team & I do everything for them...with ABSOLUTELY ZERO upfront cost or risk (not even ad spend). Just sit back and watch the sales come in. I'm an investor risking my own time & money, not an agency owner risking yours. My partners quite literally can't lose"

Chad Maghielse

Owner of Reverse Risk Revenue

"I Don't Get Paid

Unless YOU Get Paid!

Works Across


No matter what industry you are in, or if you are a B2C or B2B business, our strategies can work for you and your brand.



You Don't Pay A Dime Up Front. We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is. We're Only Paid After You Profit.



We'll impliment our tested and proven ways to grow your audience list and increase sales, which will drive huge results.

No Hidden


Nope, there are not "processing fees" for my team, no ad spend, nothing. We do all the work and cover all the costs.

Getting started is easy

Just follow these simple steps:


Say Hi

Complete our "Say Hi" process

I need a little information about yoru company.
Given that I'm funding 100% of the costs upfront, I am picky about the brands I work with. If I don't think it'll be a win/win.... I'll tell you. Since I'm not paid upfront, I am incentivied not to waste either of our time if it isn't a good fit.

Let's Do A "Coffee Zoom"

If I think I'll be able to help you, and your business is a good fit for our "Reverse Risk Revenue" program, let's hop on a quick Zoom to discuss. I like the phrase "Coffee Zoom" because I equate it to a first date. Neither of us are going to commit to anything on this call, it's just to see if we might be a good fit.


Get To

Know Each Other


Collect Sales

I do the work, you collect the money and we share the profits

If our Coffee Zoom goes well and we both want to work together, I'll do 100% of the work, you kick back and watch the sales come in. Only AFTER you've been paid, you cut me a check from the extra profit.

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Click the "Get Started" button to fill out our 2 min introductory form (yes, it only takes 2 min) and see if booking a "coffee zoom" call makes sense.

About Chad Maghielse & "Reverse Risk Revenue"

Chad Maghielse is an experienced Business Investor, Real Estate Investor, Business Coach, And Award Winning Entrepenuer recognized for his achievements in driving revenue and profits. He has both personally created businesses from scratch & sold them for 7 figures, as well as guided others on their path to do the same. Chad is determined to change the service providers industry by coming in as an investor instead of an agency owner, putting his money where his mouth is and only asking for payment out of the profit he brings to other businesses.

In short, Chad is creating what he wished existed when he was growing his previous businesses. Welcome to "Reverse Risk Revenue" - the way things should be done.

Click The Get Started Button

Click the "Get Started" button to fill out our 2 min introductory form (yes, it only takes 2 min) and see if booking a "coffee zoom" call makes sense.